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Ration Packs


Kingman’s resources MRE’s (meals Ready to Eat) have been well researched and are prepared in a factory with ISO2200, ISO9001 and HALAL certification. Stringent quality checking processes are in place to ensure only the finest foods are despatched. The shelf life for these MRE’s is more than two years without refrigeration. There is a wide selection of main meals, including beefs, lambs, pastas, soups, rice and vegetables. There are porridges, dried fruits, biscuits, fruit juices, teas and coffees. Accessories include wet-wipes, cutlery, water-proof matches and flameless heaters.

Kingman’s Resources has gained valuable experience in the manufacturing of items ration packs, and subsequent the range was extended from porridge, soup, lactose, and isotonic drinks to the current range which include hot beverages, condiments full bars, dried fruit, peanut and nut butter, nut mixes muesli, biscuits, flameless session heaters fuel tablets and various accessories and our range of meals ready to eat.

OUR PRODCUST INCLUDE MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat in Flexible Retort Pouches) 12-hour Operational Ration Pack 24-hour Operational Ration Pack Single Meal Operational Pack SANDF MRE Ration Pack OUR CAPABILITES

• Developing products, custom ration packs, and packaging according to specifications for use in ration packs

• Plan, organise their costs ration packs effectively.

• Manufacture back more than 70% of the individual items required by entities for ration packs in uniquely designed packaging through agreements with third parties offer specialist products such as MRE Meals

• TSG currently has a dedicated ration pack manufacturing and packaging operations that have the capabilities to produce 50,000 completed backs per day