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Aircraft Sales

Quality General Aviation Aircraft Kingman’s Aviation Sales Ltd, the leading International sales team for General Aviation and Professional Aircraft Sales. Due to a fantastic start to 2019 we are now looking for additional aircraft to list and/or buy.

We currently have Euro 3,000,000 GBP ready and waiting to acquire fixed wing or rotary stock. Kingman’s Aviation Sales Ltd is an established company that gives the General Aviation audience a better buying and selling experience.

We have a sales team that will go above and beyond to ensure both buyer and seller are happy and a showroom hangar in which we provide a ‘store and sell program’. This allows us to store the aircraft for the seller free of charge, the aircraft gets looked after and kept clean and presentable and we also insure the aircraft whilst we have it in our care.

This programme has proven to be very successful and generally makes the buyer feel more comfortable, ensuring a positive sale!

Aircraft Spares

Kingman’s Aviation has proudly served the general aviation industry for more than 30 years and is a certified aircraft supplier and distributor of aviation spares worldwide Pangolin client base worldwide are our long-term clients and more than aircraft are flying with our spare parts. acts as a distributor, agent or franchisee for a comprehensive range of General Aviation parts, supporting customers in Africa and worldwide.

Kingman’s Aviation holds more than 35 000 aviation line items in inventory at any one time linked to an advanced inventory management system, enabling our team to locate any item in stock within minutes. We Supply the Following Complete range aviation Products.

> Aircraft engine spares and components

> Engine Oils & Hydraulic Fluids

> Aircraft hoses and tubes

> Consumables Oil filters

> Avionics and instrumentation

> Aviation ground support and tool

MRO Support

Kingman’s Resources provides expert third-party aviation MRO services, including full heavy aircraft maintenance and modification capabilities on most commercial aircraft.

Aircraft MRO Services Pangolin® has developed an extensive MRO infrastructure to facilitate the maintenance of its growing aircraft and engine lease portfolios. We also offer an array of additional end-of-life aircraft services, including aircraft storage, disassembly, component MRO, warehousing, distribution, and asset management.

Servicing & Upgrading

With an impressive array of maintenance and upgrade products and services, IAI ensures that your crews can rely on their combat aircraft and components with absolute confidence, at all times.

Using our combat experience and technological knowhow, we create smart solutions that enhance performance and extend the life cycle of your existing aircraft, in a cost-effective and forward-thinking approach.

Civil & Military Spares

Kingmans Resources Spares International Limited is a supplier of spare parts, component repair and overhaul services for civil and military, fixed and rotary wing aircraft operators throughout the world. Our extensive range of products and services includes:

• Military aircraft and helicopter spares

• Civil aircraft and helicopter spares

• Electronic breakdown components

• Engine and undercarriage components

• Greases, lubricants, chemicals, sealants and oils

• Management of repair / OH services • Aircraft onboard fire fighting equipment

Aircraft Engines

Kingman’s Resources offers numerous options to meet your aircraft engine needs. To support your operating fleet and pool of spare engines, we offer aircraft engines for sale and manage a considerable inventory.

Our team is well-versed in the most popular and demanded engine models including:

• • CFM56-2, -3, -5, -7 • • PW4000 • • CF6-80C2 • • RB211-524,-535 V2500-A5, -D5

Tank Service & Upgrades

We modernize existing technology to enhance its effectiveness and capabilities for present day use. The advantage of modernization is utilizing the proven and standard existing platform, including substantial part of its life cycle. Hand in hand with this comes cost reduction related to spare parts or ammunition stock and personnel education.

Our modernizations projects range from partial to complex improvements and cover various systems, including:

• Armor and passive protection

• primary powerpacks and auxiliary powering units

• fire control systems • communication and optical systems

• crew comfort and protection equipment

Repairs & Overhauls

Kingman’s Resources provides partial and complete overhauls. Our scope of services begins with defecation that provides thorough reports on the current state of technology to be repaired and allows more precise financial assessment before the work itself can be carried out. We offer partial repairs of chassis, drives, interiors, weapon systems.

We also provide complete vehicle renovation and general overhauls featuring total vehicle disassembly, parts renovation or new replacement, re-assembly and testing.

Our suppliers Sternberk facility has decades long tradition in renovating used military technology, mainly:

• infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1

• main battle tanks T-55, T-72

• armoured personnel carriers BRDM-2, BTR, OT-64

• V-46.6, V-55, V-84, UTD-20, UTD-29 and V-6 engine

Weapons & Ammunition

Kingman’s Resources offers an extensive array of large- and medium-calibre weapons and ammunition. In the ammunition sector, the spectrum ranges from electronically programmable medium calibre rounds to special search fuse ammunition for artillery. Monitoring of goods, valuable or vulnerable, to or from an aircraft: Airside monitoring agents meet your flight to ensure integrity. Goods are kept under constant surveillance and any inconsistencies or irregularities are recorded and digital photographic records produced.

The condition of each shipment is closely examined and verified at every stage of the process. Storage: Whilst stored within the secure facility, vault and warehouse, goods are under constant CCTV surveillance. Secured and protected by armed and carefully vetted security staff Outsourcing of Warehousing: Management of your warehousing requirements at our facility. Short and long-term storage: Tailor-made according to each client's individual requirements.

Emergency storage can be arranged at very short notice and with the 24 hour a day, 365 days per year operation, we can accept or dispatch at any time. Pick and pack service: Goods can be repacked and prepared for redistribution or the contents verified according to Customer requirements within a secure environment.

Currency Services: Verification, counting and bag packing services can be undertaken in our secure vault. Insurance: We offer and are covered by insurance for loss.

Ration Packs


Kingman’s resources MRE’s (meals Ready to Eat) have been well researched and are prepared in a factory with ISO2200, ISO9001 and HALAL certification. Stringent quality checking processes are in place to ensure only the finest foods are despatched. The shelf life for these MRE’s is more than two years without refrigeration. There is a wide selection of main meals, including beefs, lambs, pastas, soups, rice and vegetables. There are porridges, dried fruits, biscuits, fruit juices, teas and coffees. Accessories include wet-wipes, cutlery, water-proof matches and flameless heaters.

Kingman’s Resources has gained valuable experience in the manufacturing of items ration packs, and subsequent the range was extended from porridge, soup, lactose, and isotonic drinks to the current range which include hot beverages, condiments full bars, dried fruit, peanut and nut butter, nut mixes muesli, biscuits, flameless session heaters fuel tablets and various accessories and our range of meals ready to eat.

OUR PRODCUST INCLUDE MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat in Flexible Retort Pouches) 12-hour Operational Ration Pack 24-hour Operational Ration Pack Single Meal Operational Pack SANDF MRE Ration Pack OUR CAPABILITES

• Developing products, custom ration packs, and packaging according to specifications for use in ration packs

• Plan, organise their costs ration packs effectively.

• Manufacture back more than 70% of the individual items required by entities for ration packs in uniquely designed packaging through agreements with third parties offer specialist products such as MRE Meals

• TSG currently has a dedicated ration pack manufacturing and packaging operations that have the capabilities to produce 50,000 completed backs per day

Kingman’s Dogs

Kingman’s K-9 has deployed dogs internationally for the past 15 Years for the Military, Police & Homeland security.

Our animals are of the highest quality, individually selected and specially trained to accommodate the widely practical requirements of Military, law enforcement and homeland security.

We Provide:





Our dogs have worked extensively in the Balkans, Mozambique, South Sudan, Angola, Eritrea, DRC, Northern Iraq and Afghanistan